How To Fix Samsung A8 Battery Life Issues

 on Saturday, November 3, 2018  

How To Fix Samsung A8 Battery Life Issues

How To Fix Samsung A8 Battery Life Issues - Out of all the things that we value in our smart device, the battery usually takes the leading position. So if you are looking for out just how to fix Samsung A8 battery life concerns, then we have some services that can assist you appreciate your Samsung device without bothering with its battery. The A8 has a 3050 mAh battery which is good enough for the typical individual, however if you have way too many applications running in the history or if you are a power individual, then you may discover that the battery does not last long enough. At times, the battery might be literally harmed which may be creating the trouble also. Utilize these remedies to deal with battery life problems on your Samsung A8 phone.

Possible Repairs For Samsung A8 Battery Life Issues

Option 1: Inspect our battery usage

A fantastic location to start seeking the reasons that your phone's battery is releasing promptly is to inspect the battery usage.
  • Go to the Setups food selection of your phone
  • Faucet on Battery
  • Next faucet on Battery Use

Currently you will locate the applications that are using up your phone's battery. Usually, the screen takes up most of your battery and also if you are using a certain app a great deal, it will certainly reveal high up on the checklist. You have to watch out for applications that are using up your battery without your understanding. If you discover the unforeseen use battery by a certain application, it is best to think about uninstalling that app or try to find updates for the app and examine if it's battery-eating actions adjustments. If not, after that uninstall it.

On the other hand, if all the apps are working as expected, after that try lowering the amount of battery utilized by the display by bringing down the brightness of your A8's display. If you make use of automatic illumination, consider switching it off as well as manually established the brightness level to something that is comfortable for your eyes. You can likewise update the display timeout to select the lower time prior to your screen turns off.

Option  2: Tweak the phone setups

Other settings on your phone which might affect battery life is GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, connectivity and the sync settings. Power customers usually wind up draining pipes the battery quickly as a result of constant use of different applications as well as great deals of apps that run in the history. If you are not making use of the location services and you are not connected to one more tool using Bluetooth, after that take into consideration switching them off till you need them. The very same point applies to the Wi-Fi. If you are not attached using Wi-Fi then change it off, or else your phone will certainly attempt searching for Wi-Fi if you are on the move. This can take up valuable battery life.

Pull down the notifications color of your Samsung A8 and look for services that are activated which you are not making use of. Faucet on the icons to switch off the services like GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if they are not in use. This will certainly aid you enhance your Samsung A8 battery life.

Along with these setups, check the sync settings of your gadget and also discover if your Samsung A8 battery draining issue is because of too much syncing in the background. App sync makes your gadget job also when the display is off to ensure that it can look for new notices. Switch off application sync for applications that are not as necessary. When you access the app, it will immediately update your notifications so you can inspect brand-new notifications by accessing the app anyways. Restriction syncing to priority apps like e-mails just to boost your Samsung A8 battery life.

Option 3: Power Conserving Setting

The power saving setting can be an effective method of increasing your phone's battery life. While it may not be very valuable, up until you use Ultra Power Cost savings setting, the Samsung A8 battery life concerns can be fixed to a specific degree with the help of Power Saving Setting. While utilizing this setting, your phone will restrict history services and also it likewise limits place services. You can set your phone to automatically activate Power Cost savings setting when the battery reaches a specific portion, or you can switch it on manually from the alerts color of your gadget.
  • Go to the Settings menu of your phone
  • Tap on Power
  • Tap on Power Saver and after that you will certainly see an alternative that allows you to choose the battery portion when power saving mode must be turned on.

Tap on the alternative you desire, as well as activate power-saving setting.

Option 4: Update the applications and also your phone software application

Make sure that all your apps and also software programs are updated constantly. Updates assist in dealing with recognized concerns and also current insects which might be triggering a trouble for your device. This can consist of misbehaving applications that drain your phone's battery. To update the phone's software application, adhere to these actions:
  • Go to the Setups food selection of your device
  • Faucet on Regarding Gadget
  • Faucet on Software Updates as well as permit your phone to check for brand-new updates. It will prompt you to download new updates if there are any.

Download and install and also mount the updates to make certain that your phone's efficiency is optimized as well as existing concerns with the software program that may be impacting the battery life are dealt with.

To check for updates for the apps set up on your Samsung A8,
  • Go to the Play Shop
  • Tap on the menu alternative (three straight lines) on the leading left of the web page.
  • Tap on My apps and also video games
  • It will reveal you all your set up apps as well as if any of them requires to be upgraded, it will give you the alternative to upgrade it ideal beside the application. You will certainly additionally notice an Update All option on top of the apps.

Click on update all as well as upgrade the apps to make sure that you can repair any pests and problems with the applications mounted on your gadget. It will help you improve battery life and optimize the performance of the application.

Option 5: Adjust your Samsung A8 Battery

Sometimes, your phone's battery starts to present undesirable actions when certain battery data obtains corrupted and also your phone misinterprets data to turn off before your battery actually drains out. To fix this, you should adjust the battery of your phone to ensure that the Android OS reads battery info appropriately. Follow these actions to adjust your phone's battery without root access:
  • Enable your phone to immediately turn off after the battery is completely discharged.
  • Change it on once again and also permit it to transform it off by itself.
  • Now attach your Samsung A8 to the charger and allow the battery charge to 100% without switching on your phone.
  • Once the display reveals that the battery is charged 100%, disconnect the battery charger and switch on your phone. Does the battery show 100%? Otherwise, after that attach it to the battery charger while it is on, and also let it get to 100%.
  • Separate the battery charger as well as reactivate your phone. Check if the battery states 100%. If it does not then reconnect the charger and allow it charge till it states 100% once again.
  • Remain to do this till your phone programs 100% when it restarts without being attached to a battery charger.
  • Utilize your phone customarily and allow the battery to release till your phone switches off.
  • For the last time, bill the battery totally and also your phone's battery calibration is finished.

You will certainly discover that the battery efficiency of your tool improves after a calibration. Nevertheless, the entire process can have a damaging effect on your phone's battery if you do it frequently. So make certain that you make use of calibration as a single solution to fix battery problems.

Option 6: Utilize a third party app

Third party apps like Greenify are a boon for power individuals. These apps help individuals boost battery life by restricting background applications, sync, location solutions, Wi-Fi connections and great deals much more. With the help of this application, you can tweak a variety of settings on your phone to get to an acceptable battery life. While Greenify is one of the applications that is regarded to be an effective one, various other applications include Battery Drainpipe Analyzer and Battery Saver. Choose an app that has excellent testimonials so that you can fix the Samsung A8 battery life problems properly.

These are the best ways to fix battery life issues on your Samsung A8 phone. We have actually kept non-rooted phones in mind while creating these solutions because rooted phones have a great deal of various other variables that can make a difference in battery habits. While battery life can be influenced by undesirable applications or an insect in the phone's software application, in some cases, overusing the phone by enjoying prolonged videos and playing games for long hrs likewise affects the battery life over a time period. If you occur to be utilizing your phone for enjoying great deals of video clips or heavy streaming, then be gotten ready for the battery to last for a shorter period than expected.

Nonetheless, if your phone is relatively brand-new and also you notice battery issues right from the start, after that there is an opportunity that there may be problems with the battery itself. In such cases, if the remedies above do not function, you have to take the phone to a repair shop or your carrier.
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