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 on Friday, May 4, 2018  

Facebook Create Group - If you're planning a class reunion, then you require to get used to this word: Facebook.com

Almost a billion people utilize Facebook so you can anticipate a large part of your graduating class to be a part of it.

It is a social network that links lives by assisting us keep in touch with our friends and families.

Facebook has another cool function that lets groups like class reunions create their own page. This function is called a Facebook Group.


Facebook Create Group


What is a Facebook Group?

A group on Facebook is just a page where a group of people can come together and talk about a topic that they all share. There can be groups about cheerleading, stocks, and even class reunions.

The advantage of having a class reunion group page on Facebook is that it is simple for everyone to discover, supplies an online forum for discussion and is easy to establish if you currently have a Facebook account.

Why Do I Required A Facebook Page For My Class Reunion?

As pointed out earlier, there are almost a billion people on Facebook. There is a great chance that most of your schoolmates are on it as well. Finding them then welcoming them to join the group is an excellent initial step in getting individuals to participate in the class reunion.

Facebook offers a conversation board that you can use to go over approaching events like Fundraisers, request for opinions, and take surveys on different topics related to the class reunion.

So How Do I Create A Facebook Group For My Class Reunion?

Start by logging into your very own Facebook account, and clicking the create group button (Example below).


On the list below type (image below), fill in the name of your group (e.x. Port Richmond High School 10th Class Reunion), and include a description.


On the personal privacy setting, you can select Open, Closed, and Secret.

Open means that anybody can see the group information, member info, and read posts and conversations

Closed ways that anyone will be able to see the group information, and who is in the group, however they can not see exactly what is published in the discussions.

Secret methods that only members can view any part of it.

Make certain to include a picture of your school logo design as the main photo for your class reunion The file size limit is 4MB but that ought to not be much of a problem for a high school or college logo design (At the same time, you can use the image of the school mascot too).

Add officers (i.e. reunion planning committee members) to the list of individuals to the group.

Welcome Facebook friends and non Facebook good friends by clicking the members tab. For non facebook members, you will need their e-mail addresses.

What Tabs Should I Have For A Facebook Group?

There are tabs on the top left of any Facebook group that are much like pages that hold different information. Much of the following tabs come basic on all Facebook group pages. You can also develop custom-made tabs easily in the settings location. Here are the standard tabs utilized by most class reunions that have a Facebook Group Page

Wall-- This area is where all the interaction between your schoolmates takes place. It is the news feed, concepts, and discussions amongst members of the class reunion. Individuals can post their images, videos, complaints, and updates in this area.

Information-- This is the page where you can post the Exactly what, and Where info about your class reunion. Make certain to position the date, time, and place of the class reunion in this tab.

Images-- Have old images of your schoolmates? If so, then scan and post them here for everybody to see. If you don't have any old photographs, then see if the alumni workplace can offer some. Another source would be the members of Facebook group. Ask to see if anybody would want to share their old high school pictures.

Videos-- Have an old video that would make people smile? How about a video of you dancing like MC Hammer (Don't know who that is? Then don't fret about it ). Any video that is amusing and reveals an indication of the times need to be posted in this area. The important thing is to keep things interactive.

Registrations-- Facebook does not enable you to create a registration form where you can gather loan for the class reunion. The next finest thing is to create a tab that contains a link back to your own class reunion site. If you want to find out ways to produce a class reunion site with no programming knowledge, then read Class Reunion Website Reviews.

Occasions-- Planning a class reunion involves organizing a great deal of smaller occasions like fundraising events, car cleans, bake sales etc. Post all the occasions here and ask volunteers to help.

Links-- Desired to offer a link to a class reunion registration form or a study that you require taken? Post all your links here. You can also ask schoolmates to list their organisation on the Facebook groups page for a little donation to the class reunion.

Notes-- Post your class reunion preparation committee conference notes on this page so you keep everyone as much as date.

Surveys-- Have a concern for your class reunion attendees? Desire to know if they wish to block spaces at a 3 star hotel or a 4 star hotel? Ask with the surveys tab. Let the outcomes be your overview of much better reunion preparation.

The large Facebook user base has actually made it an extremely helpful tool for organizing class reunions. While preparing a class reunion can still appear like a challenging job, discovering your old classmates and keeping them as much as date about the reunion has ended up being much easier with Facebook Groups. And one more thing please don’t forget to share this awesome trick to use the Facebook Create Group with your friends.
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