How Do I Remove My Facebook Account

 on Sunday, March 11, 2018  

"How Do I Remove My Facebook Account", Last night an audience member at my Cyber Safety talk was worried about how she might permanently delete her Facebook Account. I advised her that there is an approach however you have to submit a special form to Facebook to do it. "Shutting down" your account only puts it in suspension and can be reactivated at any time, even years later on by just visiting again.

The capability to erase your account is not easily offered through the regular settings on your account you have to go to a particular URL to do so.


How Do I Remove My Facebook Account

A note about removal: From Facebook's Data Usage Policy

" Deletion.
When you erase an account, it is completely deleted from Facebook. It usually takes about one month to delete an account, but some info may remain in backup copies and logs for up to 90 days. You should just erase your account if you make certain you never ever want to reactivate it. You can erase your account at:
Find out more at:

Particular information is needed to supply you with services, so we just delete this details after you erase your account. A few of the important things you do on Facebook aren't stored in your account, like publishing to a group or sending out somebody a message (where your good friend may still have a message you sent out, even after you erase your account). That information remains after you erase your account.".

Conclusion: Some of your posts messages and interactions on Facebook will still be kept by Facebook.

If you just want to suspend or deactivate your account you can go to your Personal privacy Settings/Security and scroll down to the bottom of the security page to "Deactivate your account" and follow the prompts. This won't delete your account however simply hides the timeline from other users.

Before you delete your account.

Make sure to download your Facebook data ahead of time if you wish to maintain your posts, photos etc

You must then delete as much of your data as possible by going through your activity Log and deleting each entry step by step. There is no faster ways to doing this, and it depends on how much you have in the activity log regarding how long this will take. But it will mean that there will be less information about you on Facebook in general. Delete all your pictures, defriend, unlike all pages, leave groups, and make certain that you shut any pages down that you own.

This does not indicate there will be no trace of you on Facebook. Facebook may have exactly what is being called a "shadow" account for you. Where a pal has used the find friend function in Facebook where Facebook uploads their entire address book into Facebook to use the information to discover matches currently on Facebook.

Any phone numbers and e-mail address that are submitted in this manner are maintained by Facebook. You may in reality get welcomes to join Facebook simply since a buddy published your email address and phone number whilst searching for friends they understand on Facebook.

To start the process of completely erasing your account: Go to this address or look for "Erase my Facebook account" in Facebook Help Search.

You ought to have 2 Week to reactivate your account if you alter your mind. After that time your account will be not available for reactivation, to utilize Facebook you would have to start a whole brand-new account.

Hopefully this short article How Do I Remove My Facebook Account has given you further insight into the Facebook.
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